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Door Repair, Replacement and Installation Nothing adds value to your home more than an entry door. Industry studies have shown that a new decorative entry door can add up to $24,000 to the value of your home.

You have three options to choose from in the entry door market: Wood, Steel and Fiberglass.

Each entry door manufacture offers it’s own unique brand with strengths and weakness. As a result we always do a comprehensive evaluation of your needs before deciding what manufacturer works best for you.

Here are a few tips outlining the strengths and weakness of each type door.

1. Wood- Definitely the most expensive option. It is not uncommon for a beautiful new wood door to run $5,000-$10,000. The obvious advantages are aesthetics. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a new, freshly stained mahogany door. Wood doors are also very thermally efficient and is the only option for specialty shape doors such as round tops and arch ways.

A wood door does require maintenance. Ideally a coat of urethane should be applied once a year, especially if it faces the sun. Click here to get some creative ideas on wood entry doors.

2. Fiberglass- I normally recommend fiberglass doors when you want a stained wood grain appearance. These doors look very similar to wood doors and typically run about ½ the cost. Fiberglass is very thermally efficient and comes with many different glass options. These doors can come smooth or with wood grain texture. Like wood, they also require maintenance on yearly or basis. Click here to get some creative ideas on Fiberglass doors.

3. Steel- This is the most common door available today. It is used on most standard doors such as your back or side doors. Steel is very secure and is the door I always recommend when the customer is painting and not staining the door. Steel, like wood and fiberglass, is very thermally efficient and requires little to no maintenance once it is painted. There are some steel doors with a wood grain texture that can be stained. I do not recommend a stained steel door because it looks cheap. I always recommend a fiberglass or wood door when staining.

4. Patio/Sliding Patio Doors/French Doors- These options are great when you have a double door going into the back yard.

A patio door has only one side that is active and swings on a hinge. A French door is similar but both sides operate and swing outward instead of inward like most doors. Both of these doors can be made from steel, wood or fiberglass.

A sliding patio door is usually made out of vinyl or wood. Very simply a sliding door has one side that slides back and forth, instead of on a hinge. Vinyl patio doors run about 1/3 the cost of a wood sliding door. A vinyl sliding door is entirely maintenance free and is the most popular choice for this type of application.

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